Obama On DC Gun Ban

Obama says he’s been “consistent” in opposing the D.C. handgun ban. But in the past he agreed that he supported the ban.

The Candidate of Change

We keep hearing that Barack Obama is the candidate of change, that he is clear and consistent in his leadership and in his message. But what does that mean? A look at a few of the positions and counter positions the Junior Senator from Illinois has taken in the course of his four short years from a candidate for the United States Senate to a candidate for the Presidency.

Barack Obama is The Most Overrated Politician Ever.

Barack Obama has became popular with the youth of America. He has sex appeal, is charismatic, and can read off a teleprompter well. But what else? Barack Obama’s only experience consists of serving as a part-time Illinois state Senator where he voted “present” over 130 times on issues like guns, abortion and crime, to avoid voting yes or no. Then in 2005, he was sworn in as a junior Senator. He passes one bill, then runs for President. Barack Obama hasn’t brought any change in his political carrier, he has no significant accomplishments, and his political views are no different from any other Democrat politician. So Yes, he’s overrated, being charismatic doesn’t qualify a person to be President. That’s why I’ve created this blog in response to the Obama youth movement. I’m a Junior in High School, all my classmates love Obama, but never say why. They just say “because he’s different.” My sister is a freshmen in college who supports Obama, I bring up to her that Obama was wrong about the 2007 troop surge in Iraq, and he’s frequently changed his position on many issues, she goes, “so what?” I’ve created this blog to tell young people to turn off family guy and pay attention to the facts. Click on the pages above to see how Barack Obama has been inconsistent on the issues. High School and College students, WAKE UP! He’s no different from any other politician.

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