Obama Says he’s always been opposed to the War in Iraq:

“I think that my position on the war has been consistent. It has been unequivocal, and that’s the only presentation that I’ve made during the course of this campaign. I’ve always been clear and consistent on the notion that we should not get in there.” (Charlotte Eby, Journal Des Moines Bureau, 03/22/07)

But in April of 2004, Obama said he opposed withdrawing troops from Iraq:

In 2004, Obama Said A Quick Withdrawal From Iraq Would Be “A Slap In The Face” To The Troops.

“A quick withdrawal would add to the chaos there and make it ‘an extraordinary hotbed of terrorist activity,’ [Obama] said. It would also damage America’s international prestige and amount to ‘a slap in the face’ to the troops fighting there, he said.” (Christopher Wills, “Obama Willing To Support More Troops In Iraq,” The Associated Press, 9/19/04)

In 2006, Obama Warned Against A “Precipitous Withdrawal … Driven By Congressional Edict.”

Obama: “[H]aving visited Iraq, I’m also acutely aware that a precipitous withdrawal of our troops, driven by Congressional edict rather than the realities on the ground, will not undo the mistakes … It could compound them. It could compound them by plunging Iraq into an even deeper and, perhaps, irreparable crisis.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Congressional Record, 6/21/06, p. S6233)

Obama Said “Setting A Date Certain” Is Not “The Best Approach.”

Obama: “[I] do not believe that setting a date certain for the total withdrawal of U.S. troops is the best approach to achieving, in a methodical and responsible way, the three basic goals that should drive our Iraq policy: that is, (1) stabilizing Iraq and giving the factions within Iraq the space they need to forge a political settlement; (2) containing and ultimately defeating the insurgency in Iraq; and (3) bringing our troops safely home.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Congressional Record, 6/21/06, p. S6233)


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